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When you utilize a debt consolidation loan to settle your debts, you are making use of a do-it-yourself procedure. If you have excessive debt, you are probably not the best financial planner. Therefore, any self-help money managing plan you come up with may not be the ideal plan for you. Utilizing the services of credit counselor via our debt consolidation program is probably the better option.

What our debt consolidation program can do for you!
We will negotiate with your creditors: to reduce your debt, lower interest rates, and eliminate late fees and penalties. We will also work to get your accounts up-to-date. We will help you get out of debt fast, while saving you thousands during the process!

Not only will our credit counselors educate you about financial control, they will also help you set your long-term monetary goals. Our debt consolidation program is a financial crash-course that offers amazing long-term benefits!

Your credit report is not pulled when you submit a request for a free evaluation. It is wise to take advantage of the input you will receive from our credit counselors. We will help you determine if it would be wiser for you to enroll in our program, or apply for a debt consolidation loan.

Are there any negatives to enrolling in a debt consolidation program?
Not long term. Your credit report will be marked by your creditors as being enrolled in a debt consolidation program. However, partaking in credit counseling exhibits a responsible behavior and is regarded highly by some creditors. Any negative impact will be short-term and heavily outweighed by the long-term influence! You can learn more about the pros and cons of a debt relief program. GET A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE!

What is a debt consolidation loan?
There are two main types of debt consolidation loans: personal loans and mortgages. Debt consolidation loans will combine all of your debts into one payment. The interest rate your receive for your loan will be lower than the rates of your outstanding debts. Therefore, the monthly payments associated with your unsecured debts will now be less than what is was before!

If you are a homeowner, you have more options for getting out of debt:
1. Get cash-out of the value of your home by refinancing your mortgage. Refinancing offers great tax benefits. However, you need to determine if refinancing is a good idea.
2. Utilize a home equity loan for the purpose of consolidating debt.

If you are considering utilizing a mortgage to consolidate your debt, we suggest you read more about cash-out refinancing vs. home equity loans.

We also feature many tips and advice that will help you deal with financial emergencies.

What are the benefits of debt consolidation loans?
Utilizing a loan to consolidate your debt will give you more flexibility of payment amounts and schedules. Choosing a long loan term will allow you to have lower monthly payments, giving you financial breathing room. 

What are the cons of a debt consolidation loan?
You should carefully plan your long-term financial goals and budgeting when utilizing a loan for consolidating debt. If you don't, a debt consolidation loan will only be financial suicide for you, putting you further into financial problems. Therefore, it is good idea to consult with one of our credit counselors before committing to a mortgage. There is no fee to receive a free consultation and your credit is not pulled. Advice will be offered to you that can make you wiser, allowing you to take advantage of value of your home for eliminate your debt. You can learn more about the downside of debt consolidation loans.

Be practical! Don't make these decisions on your own!
Take advantage of the free advise that we have to offer!



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