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When you refinance your debt, your debt does not increase. In fact, you are not adding a penny to your debt. You are just relocating it.

The table below details the 'before' and 'after' of your credit card debt and refinancing.

Credit Card Debt Before Refinancing

Credit Card Debt After Refinancing

  --Multiple Cards = Multiple Payments, Interest Rates and Due Dates
  --High Interest Rates

  --All of credit card debt is combined into one payment, to one lender.
  --Lower Interest Rates

Enjoy the Tax Benefit!
You can write of all of your credit card interest on your tax return when you refinance to consolidate your debt! A good idea is to calculate what you would save from the tax benefit and use these funds for making payments.

You are Debt Free! But Be Careful!
When you refinance your credit card debt, you are wiping out the balances that you owe on all of your credit cards. You now have a clean slate of credit to use. Be careful! You definitely do not want to fall into the trap of putting yourself back into debt by overusing your credit cards again! Try and think twice before you start charging goods and services on your credit cards! Bottom line, stop using your credit cards! Learn more about controlling credit card debt.

If you do start using your credit cards again, try and not use them to the point where you can not afford to pay your balance in full, every month. If you start building balances, you are going to wind up paying a great deal of money on interest rates again, defeating the purpose of consolidating your debt by refinancing.

Unfortunately, many people that refinance to consolidate debt do repeat their unwise financial cycle and eventually end up in over their head in credit card debt. At the very least, when you refinance you give yourself a temporary piece of mind that you are debt free and in control of your finances.

When you get set to refinance you'll want to find the right loan and also set a timetable for having the loan paid off as soon as possible. When I say getting the loan paid off as soon as possible, I mean at least paying off the old debt before you rack up another round of credit card debt that you'll need to refinance.

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