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20% of people looking to buy a new home, are looking to build or construct a new house. If you are interested in constructing a custom home, the first thing you are going to need to do is find the right architect.  

Architects are not cheap. Typically an architect's fee will increase the cost of your new home by about 10%. Don't worry though, you will make this cost back when you eventually sell your home. Working with a good architect will be worth every penny. You'll have the luxury of someone carefully working with you to develop the home of your dreams. Also note that you can factor the price of the architect into a new home construction loan.

Finding a good architect is not easy. Below we offer some tips that will help you select an architect that is right for your needs.

Meet with a Few Architects
You definitely are going to want to 'interview' several different architects. You want to make sure that the architect you are going to use has the same vision as you about the development of your new home.

All good architects will have a portfolio for you to look at. If you meet with one that does not, then you do not want to work them. You are going to be investing a great deal of money into whoever you decide to let build your dream house. You want to be confident that you are working with someone that knows what they are doing, and can make your visions a reality. When looking at a portfolio, you obviously have to like their work.

Ask any architect that you are interested in if they have any referrals you can contact and/or if they can take you to a finished house for you to see and inspect. Find out from their past clients if the work was done on time. Additional questions to ask: Was the architect nice? Did they accommodate their needs and want? Did the finished product cost the quoted price?

Where to Find an Architect
Referrals are always the best source. But if you do not know anyone that can suggest a good architect, you can contact the American Institute of Architects. They will be able to refer you to some architects in your area. You are still going to have be diligent in your search for finding the right architect for your needs and perform the above suggestions.

Don't look for the cheapest price!
When selecting an architect, don't look to choose the one that has the lowest price. Just like with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Good architects will tend to be slightly pricier than just average ones.

Finding a good architect is not easy, and will take some time. Just keep in mind any time you start to get frustrated, that once you find the right architect, you will eventually have the exact home that you want.

Ask if a home warranty will be offered!
Any good contractor will have no problem insuring their work by offering a new home warranty.

Once you find a good architect, you need to choose a contractor.

Learn about a new home construction loan.

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Choosing a Builder
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