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Featured below is information that will help you make a sensible purchase when in the market for a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Reading the fine print
When buying a certified pre-owned automobile, you are paying for peace of mind that if something stops working properly, that you will not have to shell out large amount of money to repair it. Therefore, it is very important that everything you believe you are paying for is clearly spelled out in your contract.

This entails thoroughly reading your extended warranty with a fine tooth and comb. You need to determine how limited your auto warranty actually is. It is very likely that many types of repairs are not going to be covered.

In addition, for over the certified pre-owned paperwork itself. Examine the Carfax and inspection reports. If the inspection is blemished, take your business somewhere else.

If the extended warranty is not backed by the manufacturer, be careful. It is very common for used-car lots and independent dealerships to offer their own type of certification. Meaning they provide you with a service contract for the used car, declaring it 'certified'. Proceed with caution when purchasing a vehicle with this type of CPO program by determining who is sponsoring them and who is going to fix your car if it breaks.

Compare Certified Pre-owned Programs before making a purchase
If you have yet to decide what kind of car you want, visiting different manufacturers' Web sites is a wise idea. You will be able to view the manufacturers warranties...allowing you to determine which program is the best deal. You can also learn about certified pre-owned programs at and

Research dealers and prices
You can determine what the value of a used car is by visiting Kelley Blue Book or NADA. Used cars are going to be listed as less expensive than certified pre-owned cars. However, knowing a general idea on what the value is will allow you to understand how much you are going to be paying for certification.

In addition, prior to visiting a dealer, make sure you review the listings of certified pre-owned cars included on many manufacturers Web sites, and contrast how dealers price them. This will allow you to determine which dealers have the inventory and pricing you are interested in.

Obtaining the most affordable price on your certified used car is going to involve some deal-making on your behalf.  You should know approximately what you want to spend before you go into the dealership. Also, don't be scared to ask for a better price or lower interest rate if you are utilizing dealer financing.

Most manufacturers offer discounted financing for certified pre-owned vehicles as well as other perks such as free oil changes. If one dealer will not provide you with the deal you are seeking, take your business elsewhere. Get more information on rebates or lower financing deals.

Check the vehicle inside and out
Even though certified used cars are typically in better condition than their contrary, it is still a used car. You need to thoroughly inspect all interior and exterior aspect of the car. Don't forget to test-drive the vehicle as well!

Things to look for are rust spots, dents, mismatched paint, loose wires, etc.. When you test drive the car, make sure you listen for any grinding sounds or squealing. Try out the acceleration and breaking. Also, make sure that the steering wheel does not shake when going fast. Get more info on used car buying tips.

It is very important to note that certified pre-owned cars come with a a money-back guarantee if returned within a specific time frame.  Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle back if something negative turns up!



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